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If you have a friend or family member struggling with an alcohol problem, you will often experience your own set of challenges that result from the addiction. Many people affected by someone else’s alcoholism turn to Al Anon for help. Al An...

Along came a spider. Who sat down beside her. And frightened Miss Muffet away. Little Miss Tucket. Sat on a bucket. Eating some chocolate ice-cream.

If you’re seeking support from others who are sharing common experiences with a spouse, partner or family member struggling with alcoholism, then you may benefit from Al-Anon meetings. Following these guidelines could help you learn how to ...

observations at the Al-Anon meetings, interviews with Al-Anon members and a ... Svenson, L. W., Forster, I., Woodhead, S. E., & Platt, G. H. (1995).

listen, what should i do with this? (dialogue). DAY / PROMPT / TEXT # 5 so when the tower of babel became vacant, well we just moved in.

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